The Perfect Case for Your LEGO® Roses

The Perfect Case for Your LEGO® Roses

Whether you received a bouquet of LEGO® Roses for Valentine’s Day or gifted them yourself, we’ve crafted the perfect way to display them.

Custom-made specifically for the LEGO® Roses (10328) set, our latest display case is lasered from premium acrylic and assembled using snap-fit technology for a flawless, clear design throughout that will stand the test of time, much like your new roses. The case also features a heart-covered red background which is laser-printed directly onto the acrylic - no stickers, no peel, no wear.

Perfect for displaying in nearly any room on a shelf or as a centrepiece on your table or desk.


Wait, What Are LEGO® Roses?

Released on January 01, 2024 as part of the Botanical Collection, the LEGO® Bouquet of Roses is a set of 12 roses plus their accompanying 4 sprigs of baby’s breath. The set is comprised of 822 pieces and has been assigned the age range of 18+.

As February 14th drew nearer and nearer, this set became difficult to find, with many retailers notifying customers of backorder dates between 30-60 days from the time of inquiry.

Similar to real roses, the LEGO® roses in this bouquet can be displayed in any of the three stages of flowering; budding, blooming and full bloom. The design is also inclusive of long green stems so you can easily place the LEGO® Roses into a vase or other accents.


Why People Love Displaying LEGO® Flowers (Over Regular Flowers)

Why People Love Displaying LEGO® Flowers (Over Regular Flowers)

1. Buy Once, Display Forever

Somewhat stating the obvious, it’s a loving (or self-loving) investment that won’t age, wilt or need replacement. Also, no watering is required.


2. Build, Take Apart, Rearrange, Recreate

Being comprised of so many pieces allows you to switch up your bouquet, and how you display, as desired. Many hardcore LEGO® / LEGO Botanical fans have taken it upon themselves to get very creative with their sets, many going as far as to create full shelving unit botanical collections, some even LEGO® flower walls.


3. Pet Friendly / Non-Toxic

One struggle for plant and animal lovers is the fear that pets will eat whatever pretty bouquet they bring home, especially with certain otherwise beautiful florals being toxic, if not deadly, if consumed.

All you have to worry about with LEGO® flowers is the dog chewing on a (plastic) stem or that cat knocking it off the shelf ‘cause his bowl is half empty. (Our cases can help with both!)


4. It’s Another Reason for Us Adults to Play with LEGO®!

Not that we need one. Need we say more? Didn’t think so! 🌹


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