The Best Display Cases for LEGO® Star Wars

The Best Display Cases for LEGO® Star Wars

Made from premium acrylic with sticker-free backgrounds, BrickShell Cases’ LEGO display cases are the best way to store and make decor out of your favourite LEGO Star Wars ships, helmets and minifigs. 

Custom-measured, lasered and snap-fitted for individual LEGO sets, our team assembles and disassembles every case we make with care before shipping so you know you’re getting a properly-made, top-quality case with every order.

Here are just some of the best LEGO Star Wars display cases for any LEGO or Star Wars fan, available now in our online store.


LEGO® Star Wars 25th Anniversary Display Case - Standard Edition

Created and presented in collaboration with A Couple of Brickheads and M&R Productions, we released a special Launch Edition of our 25th Anniversary Display Case just an hour before LEGO’s big 2024 product drop on March 1st to an amazing response - selling out all 250. 

Now, you can get your hands on the original M&R-designed Standard Edition, complete with a gorgeous contrast background with the anniversary uv-printed on top.

Use the case for the upcoming 6 25th Anniversary LEGO Star Wars Minifigs (hello, Darth Malek and Arc Trooper Fives!) or 6 other favourite minifigs you’ve already collected!

Shop the Standard Edition


LEGO® Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75192) Display Case with Removable Magnetic Front

Complete with a galactic background that’s UV-printed directly onto the acrylic, our display case for the LEGO® Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75192) was one of our most anticipated LSW ship case requests from customers and online LEGO fanatics. 

Whether you want to fly it, hold it during a movie binge or simply make special modifications, the case features magnetic fronts for easy access.

We’ve also built in a tilted acrylic stand, a special Ultimate Collector Series crest plus embeds to hold and pose your minifig crew. 

Shop the Galactic Version | Shop the Clear Version

Other LEGO Star Wars ship display cases currently available include those for the Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser (75367 - Flat or Angled), the Razor Crest (75331) and the Coruscant Guard Gunship (75354).

Built other ships? We also offer a Universal Ships Edition of our popular display stands.


LEGO® Star Wars Minifigures Display Cases

Flying back to our thoughts of LEGO® Star Wars minifigs, we’ve created custom cases for a wide range of collections, no matter how big or small your minifig ship crew or army may be.

For fans of Clone Wars, our two-tier desktop Clone Troopers Minifigures Display Case - also available in 20 minifigure and 40 minifigure wall-mounted versions!

If your allegiance, or that of your minifigs, is to the republic (to DEMOCRACY!), a Rebel Alliance Starbird-adorned display case for LEGO® Star Wars® Rebel Alliance Minifigures

For the minifigs who prefer the dark side, or just enjoy destroying the Jedi for some reason, an Imperial Crested display case for LEGO® Star Wars® Galactic Empire Minifigures


Special Mention: The Army Stacker

A minifigure army display case, and a big hit for major collectors, The Army Stacker was specially designed around a 32x32 LEGO baseplate and can fit 80+ of your Clone Army minifigs!

Plus, as the name gives away, it’s stackable, making your minifig collecting and displaying capabilities limitless.

Build that army to your heart’s content. 

Shop the Army Stacker 

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